Quest Club at the 2008 Myomed Ragnar Relay Del Sol

On February 29 at 2:00 PM, twelve runners, two drivers, and two assistant drivers from Quest Club embarked on a 26 hour journey, taking a circuitous 182 mile route from downtown Wickenburg to Mesa Riverview Park as part of the 2008 Myomed Ragnar Relay Del Sol. The team completed the course in 26:05:57, 55th overall, and 3rd among teams in the Mixed Sub Masters division.

Van #1
Helice Agria
Mary Orr
David Daer
Ann Marie Hubbard
Steve Lindstrom
Julie Egea

Driver: Fred Moore
Assistant Driver: Nikki Simmons

Van #2
Jennifer Jensen
Inge Harper
Susan Williams
Patty Beckman
Theresa Tornquist
Lee Williams

Driver: Steve Tornquist
Assistant Driver: Pat O’Donnell

Kay Martin
Lyle Langlois
Keith Orr

*** Click here to view Quest Club photos from the 2008 Myomed Ragnar Relay Del Sol ***

Ann Marie relaxes along the shoulder of the Bush Highway


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