Kart Racing

I’ve been a motorsports fan for as long as I can remember; longer than I’ve been involved with either photography or running. For years, I was a spectator, watching races live or on TV. Then, some friends from work and I discovered indoor karting. Being a spectator is fun, but skimming along 3 inches off the ground at 45 mph is way more addictive.

So far, my racing has been limited to the two indoor tracks at F1 Race Factory in Phoenix. I can’t seem to get enough, but at the same time, look forward to going faster. So, in a couple weeks, it’s on to the shifter karts at the Bondurant Ultimate Shifter Kart Course. The shifter karts have a six speed manual transmission, and are reportedly capable of going 120 mph. I can’t wait! It should be a blast.

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